Helpful Guide To Finding Houses For Sale In Accra.

Buying a home in Ghana in recent times is a great investment decision; with Ghana becoming one of the hottest tourist spots in West Africa, the country has become an enviably sought-after one to relocate to, as a business hub or just for vacations. If you’re looking to secure a home in the capital city, you’re on the right blog!

Finding the perfect home or house to buy in Ghana should be hustle free, especially if you keep these tips in mind.

Let’s start with the first tip;

Find a Lawyer

There are a lot of legal processes one must satisfy and understand to own a home in Ghana. As a foreigner, you must first find a lawyer who will furnish you with all information you may need to satisfy these requirements or not falter on any. For example, suppose you’re buying from a landlord. In that case, you’d have to go to the Lands Commission office and go through all the needed processes that allow you to rightfully transfer ownership to give the right to the buyer as the legitimate owner of the house. I.e. buying forms, signing an indenture etc.

Now, If this process is something you may not want to go through, your lawyer can advise on other ways you can acquire a home legally in the city without any future consequences.  

Secondly, finding yourself a lawyer can be a big saver from getting scammed. Your lawyer will always be at your beck and call now just in case the seller makes demands that feel out of place, or you’re unsure. Also, till the final transaction is completed, your lawyer can represent you throughout.

NB: Your lawyer has your best interest at heart and will give you the best advice and genuine opinions even on locations, suspicious behaviours and lots more. 

Get a lawyer First!

Do your research 

To guide your search, you firstly need to do your research. You must be abreast with the current prices of homes in general in the city and various neighbourhoods; the prices of apartments, condos, semi-detached and the like! Before you move into any country, you should research their culture, food, likes, dislikes, traditions, and myths. If you’re looking for a home in Ghana as a foreigner, it is best to start with research, read, read, read! And ask ask ask.

You need to understand the place before you finally decide to make such a huge investment. If you can afford to take a trip to Accra, that will be an excellent experience yet a plus to feel the city!

Understand the country and choose a City that suits your style of living 

Accra is the capital city, but if you’re searching for a home in the country, you might as well explore all the other regions to find the feels and community vibes that feel like you. 

There are 16 regions, and each has a unique story with unique tribes. All the hustle and bustle happens in Accra, but if you’re looking for a place closer to your farmland to explore an agri-business, then you should be looking to buy a house in the northern sector of Ghana.

Also, location then affects the prices of the homes, and you may have to up your budget or stick to what you have. If you’d have to up your budget, it’s good to know before you start the search in the location you have found interest in.

NB 1: Do not forget that some areas will lead to more investment returns than others, especially if you’re buying the home as an investment option.

NB 2: Always remember to explore looking for homes out of Accra or according to your goals for buying the home, e.g. is it business? Then what kind of business? Do you enjoy out-of-town feels? Or living in mountainous regions etc.? 

Find a good agent

Finding a trusted agent is crucial to your home-finding journey in Accra. Agents facilitate the home buying process as well as the searching. They take on the job of finding the perfect home for you according to your preferences, leaving you to relax and wait. You must find a good agent who has your interest at hand and not just the commission. An agent who listens to your needs can find you the home to suit that with no hidden faults or exemptions.

Where can you find a good agent as a foreigner in Ghana?

GAREB, which stands for Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers, you are sure to find the most trusted agents from this association. It’s safer and better.


Ensures that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate professionals 

To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions. 

GREPA – Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

 GREPA also sets up a networking platform and opportunities for members on local and global business levels 

NB: Remember, Agents, take away the stress of manually searching for properties.

Lean on your network 

Sometimes the best way to find a home is through your network. Through your friends, family, colleagues etc. Please put the word out that you’re looking to buy a home and look at their recommendations. Ghanaians are very family oriented, and their hospitality is over the bar. When a friend or family member knows somebody you want to do business with, you most likely get princess/ a king’s treatment, or they’ll give you the best deals. This should be your best bet if you do not want to go through this process using an agent. 

With the sprouting of social media, you can post on your socials informing your network of your interest in buying a home in Ghana. 

Putting the word out there can be great! You may even find a home faster than estimated!

Cut to the chase and buy directly from a developer. 

Developers are trustworthy and have a brand to protect. Most developers have nothing short of 5 years of experience and can even build from scratch for you according to your preferences. Developers put up the lushest development due to their expertise and understanding of the ever-changing market trends and client taste. In Ghana, Locus is one of the premium developers in the country, with developments that enhance high-toned lifestyles and promise comfort.

Have you heard of the Ebellas ? Currently, the smartest buy in Cantonments of luxury villas and townhouses in the lush community of Cantonments.

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