A Useful Guide to Setting up an Office Space in Accra

Accra is a regional power city and a leader in technology, finance, entertainment and fashion.

Accra’s demand for office space has increased over time. Spaces near transportation and major thoroughfares are typically in high demand, whereas age or a lack of updates reduce occupancy rates.

Its value is also affected by the availability of amenities such as parking, on-site food service, and fitness centres.

The rise of Ghana as an African tourism destination has also had an impact on this demand. As a result, many new companies and businesses have emerged, creating new opportunities for landlords and property owners.

Even so, there are a few things to keep in mind as you look for the perfect office space.

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The ultimate location. 

The location of your office space is critical to the success of your business. As mentioned earlier, choosing a location that is easily accessible by public transportation and public vehicles to employees and clients has a significant advantage over the competition. Safety is also ideal.

In Accra, however, a business that specifically meets the needs of people in a community is likely to succeed regardless of location; nevertheless, some communities, such as Osu, Labone, Airport, Accra Central, Spintex, Lapaz, Tema, and East Legon, to name a few, are popular for office spaces due to their easy connections to other cities, good roads, and infrastructure.

Space size

The size is next; you don’t want a space that is too small or too large to eat into the business’s finances.

The size of the space should be determined by the number of employees and the type of work that will be done there. Consider the layout of the space and how it will be used. For example, if you will be hosting clients, you should have a separate meeting room or conference room to serve those purposes. 

Utilities available: 

Ensure that the office space has reliable electricity, internet, and other necessary utilities. Because power outages are common in Ghana, it may be a good idea to invest in a generator as a backup power source. 

Furthermore, internet connectivity is critical in today’s business environment, so it is critical to ensure that the office space has a stable and fast internet connection. Also, the location influences the internet speed in some parts of Accra.


Provide comfortable and functional furniture for the office, such as desks, chairs, and storage. This will foster a professional and welcoming environment for both employees and customers.

With so many shopping malls in Accra, finding the right materials and interior items should be simple.

Legal compliance: 

Ensure that your office space is in accordance with all local laws and regulations. This includes obtaining the necessary licences and permits and registering your company with the appropriate authorities. It is also critical to maintain a positive relationship with your landlord and to be aware of local laws and customs.


To protect your business, consider insuring your office space and equipment. This will provide financial security in the event of damage or loss.


Create a maintenance plan for the office space to ensure it remains in good condition. This includes routine cleaning and maintenance, as well as planning for any needed repairs or renovations.

Aside from the foregoing, you should have a plan in place to deal with any unexpected problems that may arise.

Finally, for businesses looking to expand into the region, establishing an office space in Accra can be a great opportunity. It is, however, critical to plan ahead of time and be familiar with the local market and laws.

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