Real Estate Development

Real Estate is in our DNA and remains our core aim. Our business processes and
activities range from remodelling and buying existing buildings to the purchase of
raw land and the sale of developed lands or parcels to others. In return, we have an
excellent understanding of high-end finishes, top-tier construction and unique

Locus Estate brings together a collection of refined apartment residences, luxurious
villas and townhouses across all income brackets. With our warranty trademark, Locus
Estate developments are one of the quickest sold-out properties in Africa and in high

In 2017 we revolutionised high-end home decor by partnering with Meraki, an international luxury design agency to provide first-class interior design service for all our projects. Our expert design team sourced some exclusive collections to bring a new timeless aesthetic to design and we’ve picked up more than our fair share of recognition from developers, homeowners and other industry players.


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