Why You Should Consider Buying A Home In Accra Now

Buying a home in Accra, the fastest-growing city and the capital city in Ghana. Accra is described as one of the liveliest, extremely vibrant cities and one of the highest touring cities in the country. 

Today, buying a home in Accra is an excellent decision not because it’s situated in the heart of the nation but because of the impeccable benefits of living in Accra.

In today’s blog post, we will furnish you with these unique perks! 

Let’s start with Housing Finance (mortgage market)

Easy Access to Financing Options

With the sprouting of many mortgage lending banks in the capital city, buying a home in Accra has been made easier. These banks offer long-term financing options to aid your home-buying processes. Giving you as many options, Accra hosts most of the headquarters of local and international banks operating in Ghana! Thus, buying a home in Accra has been made much more accessible! A few of these banks that offer home financing are Stanbic Bank, CalBank, Fidelity Bank, and FBN Bank.


Living in Accra is a decision not wasted. Accra has developed in recent times, and the beauty of driving through the city, plus the beauty of its architecture, range from traditional African buildings to large, elegant colonial houses and modern high-rise blocks. Buying a home in Accra gives you easy access to almost everything; the malls, offices, restaurants, churches, mosques, event centres, markets and lots more! and Buying a home in Accra gives you access to all these facilities at hand. The capital city gives you access to a pool of business networks as the city is also known as a hub of all the country’s leading events and businesses. Attend workshops and conferences which can help you build a solid network.

High Investment Returns

Many say Accra has recently emerged as the financial business Centre in West Africa, which has informed many investors’ decisions to relocate to the city to do business, to tour for pleasure or as an ultimate vacation goal on a bucket list. The surge in demand for properties in Accra now results from a high Return On Investment (ROI) and high rental appreciation.

Rentals are in high demand so is the need to buy. Even if you are purchasing a home not to reside in, be assured that you can put your home up for Airbnb or have a project management company put it up as an investment property or a yearly rental if you prefer. Nonetheless, if you also decide to resell a purchased home in the future, in Accra, you are most likely to make more than you bought it for. But of course, location and home maintenance matter, so do well to consider all these from the purchase basis when buying or contact us to give you the best of the best when it comes to luxury living in Accra!

Easy access to school and other social amenities

If you’re looking for a place to live permanently or even just as an investment property, your surroundings should matter to you most. 

Does the community have easy access to schools, hospitals in case of an emergency, recreational areas for your leisure, churches, electricity, water and the like?

Fortunately, even though Ghana is not the most developed country in west Africa, Accra, which is rapidly developing, has significantly improved its infrastructure and provision of essential amenities to communities in the city. 

NB: Buying a home in Accra gives your kids easy access to many prime schools for the best education and much more!

International Community School 

Ghana International School 

Roman Ridge 

Christ The King 

Ridge Church School

Morning Star 

And so much more…

Centre For Many Business Activities

As mentioned earlier, being the capital, Accra is the central hub for all businesses. It is easier to start a business in Accra and live in Accra! Buying a home in Accra provides easy access to many business stakeholders, networking opportunities and lots more.

Finding commercial properties to rent as office space is equally easy peasy! Accra provides you with diverse platforms to transact and enjoy business. Hence, if you want to live close to your place of business, then residing in Accra is a good plan. 

NB: Accra is one of the busiest/most populated cities; it is also an excellent way to find your perfect clientele niche!

Amazing Hangout and Activities

As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” now and then, as human beings, we ought to unwind and have a great time, and Accra will give you just those vibes! With a ton of hangout spot’s you can never go bored!

Boasting of places such as Bliss entertainment centre, Accra Polo Grounds, Capitol, Imperial Peking, Noble House, Shogun, Cocoa Lounge, Soho, Luna Bar, Elite Bar, Exhale Lounge, and so much more!

If you ever want to experience thrill and excitement, then try Accra!

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