The Ultimate Guide to Night Life in Accra

Finally something for night owls! Christmas is just around the corner, but are we having fun when we don’t have time to enjoy the nightlife? A time when the sun is down and the weather is just perfect for living!

Well, you know we’ll always keep you up to date on what you should be doing this Christmas in Accra.

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Let’s get back to Accra’s Christmas nightlife… Accra nightlife is a thrilling one and we assure you you’ll enjoy every moment! At night in Accra, many bars, pubs, and clubs come alive and it’s an experience to experience for yourself! Do well to read our last blog  for more and more of these. 

Alley bar

Location:Nyaniba Estates

This is one of many individuals’ favourite  spots during the Christmas holidays in Accra. Alley bar is known for its perfect vibe And delicious pork chops, music giving it the perfect setting. The night could go either way; a chilled evening with the gang or a proper turn-up. Friday nights are the best! This Christmas if you’ve never been there dash by and enjoy 

Garage lounge and bar

Location:Boundary Road

This place has top security(about 3 bouncers at the gate). You scan the QR code and you will be redirected to the menu. The Neon lighting is very profound, as well as the Cabanas at the top, there are a lot of sitting spaces, especially with how full the place gets nonetheless, they live up to expectations of providing memorable nights by making sure all events marketing efforts compliments the size of the place and the expected customer size as well! You’ll have a good time and space to dance if you’d want to!

Bloom bar

Location:Troas Street,Osu

Great entertainment and very chilled. The cocktails are great as well. If you want something funky, loud and a party then I’m sure if you can’t make it to the Garage then you should make it to the bloom bat. Bloom bar has in the past organized one of Ghana’s best day and night parties that can never be forgotten.

P.S For the ladies: try their frozen pineapple mojito.”

Front Back

Location:First Osu lane

Front Back used to be a member-only spot but the vibes are super dope. They may let you in every once in a while then but now it’s open to the littlest individuals and every person who is young at heart. The music is proper! They have some very cool curated events like “Amapiano and Brunch”, 2 am, and a few other events.

Sky bar

Location: N 16 N Airport Road

Skybar 25 is Accra’s premier rooftop venue. Offering breathtaking views of the city from the tallest building in West Africa. Sky bar brings you entertaining dining experiences like no other. 

A perfect place and space to chill with friends or to spend quality time with that special someone. The ambience is great! There’s music and it’s not overly loud, you get a great view of the city in all of its magnificence.  You can ask anybody about Sky Bar in Accra and they’ll tell you about its superb fine dining and vibes! 


Location:4th Otswe Street South

For beach lovers, you cannot boast of having explored Accra at night and its events without experiencing the best beach parties held in Accra at Sandbox plus some seafood. 

Sandbox is very luxurious with a chilled vibe. Again, Sundays are the best at Sandbox.


Location:Osu Badu Street

Relaxed feel yet combines a stylish ambiance, Asian tropical decor, and Pan Asian cuisine to present a new yet exciting dining and social experience. Enjoy Great music and excellent food.

PS: If you’re not too keen about having to party wildly, but looking for a place to chill and have great meals with your friends? Kozo should be on your checklist.

Purple pub

Location:Ring Road Extension

Purple Pub is the best local bar in Accra (Osu). Their drinks are not for the faint-hearted though. Try the five fingers drink and meet your maker!” It’s pretty crowded and open to everybody. If you’re looking for something bougie you should pass. But if you’d like to experience some street vibes, you should pass by and see how the Ghanaian locals have a good time.

Paintball Gods Entertainment Lounge

Location:East Legon Extension

If you love paintball, you’ll love this!

It’s an exciting place to visit. Enjoy paintball with some good food and a great way to bond with family, colleagues, a partner or friends.

The Woods – Ringway Estates 

Location: 3rd Ringway, Estates

The best days are Wednesdays, where they have live events and showcase the new talent in the city!

A cosy and charming space for events, and intimate nights out with friends or a partner. Enjoy Happy Hour Drinks, Bar games, dancing, live football broadcast this thrilling world cup season, and beautiful outdoor seating!

Luna rooftop bar 

Location:Airport Bypass

Enjoy an amazing curation of unforgettable party experiences for people in and out of Ghana. Great Vibes, amazing connections, the Good Life. That’s the Luna Way!

In the heart of the Airport, the Airport City and its neighbouring environs, Luna Rooftop Bar is a hangout and chill spot for every person looking for a place to network, connect with friends and experience the best nightlife in Ghana.

Chill out and enjoy the serene views and cocktails on Wednesday, Step on the dance floor and get pumped for Deep in the City on Thursday, Find your afro grind for Afro Mix on Friday, Enjoy the weekend fun on Saturday & catch brunch with friends and associates on Sunday.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas and make memories for a lifetime! 

Do well to explore Accra to enjoy places you may not have thought of visiting. Some prime areas are; East Legon, Airport, Osu, Cantonments, and Labadi.

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