Accra In December ? Top Ten Things To Do

How fast the year goes by! All too soon we’re just a few weeks away from the end of the year! 

What a time to reflect on the year and all of its glory. We hope the year has been great for you and even if it wasn’t as you may have expected, We look forward to an even better 2023, so hang in there!

Well, December is upon us! A time to be merry, and a time to be grateful for life! Are you spending your December in Accra? If so, Great choice!! Here are 10 ten things to do that will make the season worthwhile in the city for you.

Enjoy the concerts and festivals 

December in Accra is power packed with exciting concerts and festivals. Each day holds a thrilling event you can attend! If you’re all up for events, concerts and festivals to enjoy and meet your favourite screen celebrities, you shouldn’t miss any of December’s line of concerts. Celebrities from all over the world arrive in Ghana for various exciting concerts especially music festivals!

To tickle your mind’s eye, this December you should be expecting; 

Afrochella, 28th – 29th December 2022

Detty Rave– 27th December 2022

Wildaland -24th – 26th December 2022

Afronation 29th – 30th December 2022

Accra Beer Festival– 02nd December 2022 

Little Havana-26th December 2022

R2Bees and Friends-29th December 2022

Promise land-24th December 2022

Rapperholic-25th December 2022

And so much more…

Visit the beach, enjoy some good seafood side by side with the waves of the beach 

This is definitely for individuals or couples who want to have a dazzling night out with some delicious seafood delicacies right alongside the beach. Then if you’re doing Accra in December and love to do the above, Sandbox in Accra, organizes the best Christmas parties, plus a mouth-watering menu. Party till the sun is up and hopefully, these are memories that can last you a lifetime. Do well to also visit laboma beach and enjoy the white sands X beers 🍻 

The Accra December parties

There will be a party right around every block, always to make sure your safety is first. Join parties that have very known organizers. Such brands will most definitely ensure that the security is top notch firstly so that their clientele enjoy their night of bliss. Anticipate the annual All Black party, Afrowave, themed parties at the Garage lounge and bar , Bloombar  and so much more. 

Explore the W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture

The W .E. B. DuBois Centre for Pan African Culture was dedicated on 22nd June 1985 in Accra, Ghana W.E.B. DuBois Center. This is the home, library and final resting place of American-born crusader for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois.a world-class destination for academics, the diaspora, and the local Ghanaian community that honours the momentous work of its namesake. Located in the Cantonments neighbourhood of Accra, the memorial site and compound will function as a campus of remembrance, reflection and learning that speaks to the life and legacy of Du Bois. Adjoined by a series of green lawns and landscaped gardens, the campus features a new narrative museum that will encapsulate the life and immense contributions of Du Bois; his restored home and final resting place; his mausoleum and memorial pavilion; a retail pavilion, an outdoor auditorium, and the restored Marcus Garvey Guest House.

Luxury restaurants 

The Accra restaurant cuisines are simply impeccable! You shouldn’t be in Accra this December without giving your taste buds a treat. Accra is enriched with many luxury restaurants that offer the best menu ranges. Do well to try Country Club, Santoku, Shogun, La Chaumiere, Nsuomunam and so much more. Let us know which ones you tried, and enjoyed and the new ones you discovered, we’ll love to share in your December dining experience!☺️

Do some activities 

Yes, December is party heavy time but all parties and no activities make Ghanaba a dull boy or girl. You shouldn’t be in Accra in December and not use it as an opportunity to visit The Bliss Entertainment Center, WondaLand, The Legon Botanical Gardens, visit the paintball god and enjoy thrilling games and the like.

Shop Gifts 

If you love African, Ghanaian-made products you should fix a date and visit the Accra Arts Center or Artists Alliance Gallery. Buy beautiful Ghanaian beads, Kente clothes, shirts, tops, batik, tie-dye etc. These products are handmade and can serve as thoughtful gifts to yourself or to your loved ones. If you’re looking for a beautiful gift to gift your loved one on Christmas Day you should visit these places and enjoy the delight of the vestry and abundance of a variety of Ghanaian-made goods!

Learn about Ghana’s pioneer of independence at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

How would you enjoy our motherland Ghana without knowing the story behind our freedom today? If you’re excited about learning more about Ghana’s history and our ancestors, you should visit the Kwame Nkrumah Museum. This place will give you an in-depth feel and knowledge of our first president Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and of Ghana’s independence to which we owe our freedom today.

Experience Ghana’s history at the National Museum

This museum has been in existence since 1957, housing contemporary paintings by Ghanaian artists, cultural objects & artefacts.

The National Museum has been remodeled and tells the history of Ghana through the ages, highlighting essential events and artefacts across various regions.

It contains archaeological discoveries from ancient times, paintings of Ghana, and exhibits that show cultural history. 

You’d have to experience it to love it! Add to your checklist!

Catch some live band 

But do not forget to enjoy some authentic tunes from some of the most talented live band groups in the city. Dance your hearts out as we celebrate the end of the year. Enjoy this at the Republic Bar, in the heart of Osu which gives you an added advantage to enjoy the many exciting places in the ever- bustling neighbourhood of Oxford Street.

Some more of these live band restaurants are;

Zen Gardens

+233 Jazz Bar and Grill 

Chez Afrique

The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Yenkodi Bar & Restaurant

The Piano Bar and MAASAI Bar

AFRIK GARDENS (Jazz Bar & Restaurant)

Afehyia Pa Ooooo!!!

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