The Ultimate Guide To Eating Out In Accra

Good food, they say, is therapy! If you love food as much as we do, then this is just for you! Accra has a wide range of restaurants , from fast food to vegetarian delicacies, local meals, continental etc. 

Now, If a considerable part of your travel or daily checklist involves eating, you’re in the right city! Welcome to Accra!

There are many eateries in Accra, however, we’ll take you through a few just not to bore you.

PS: Don’t be bummed if you don’t see your favourite restaurant, be sure we’ll do a part two! 

Local Cuisine

Let’s start with the Local food lovers. Who doesn’t love some well-fried Ghanaian plantain and beans popularly named as “red red”/ known on the streets as “Gobe” or some fufu and goat light soap, banku and okro and the likes! Aside from the many ‘by the road’ local stops which you can try(please always be on the lookout for places which have good hygiene) You should visit;

 Mangoase(Mangos) for mouthwatering okra with crabs, salmon, and so much more, fufu, “red red” etc ; especially  if you live in or around East Legon this should be on your checklist or ,Buka which is conveniently situated close to the centre of Osu.

Buka is, without question, one of the best lunch spots in the city. More often than not, it has full tables to show for it. Set on the first floor, so there’s a sense of escape from the mob, with live music and wraparound wooden trellises adding to the ambience. 

The Chop Bar, is perfectly centred at the Achimota retail centre, where food lovers can enjoy authentic Ghanaian cuisine in a modern atmosphere. The Chop Bar is a great lunch spot and is reasonably priced and with great service.

Bonus places: Chez Afrique, on the Bissau Ave, in Accra, Citrus Lounge which is in East Legon adjacent to Pinocchio, with flavoursome continental dishes, but their boiled yam and garden eggs or eggplant stew is to die for! Try it and thank us later!

Continental Dishes

Did someone say Chinese??? 

If you love some Chinese, Japanese or anything continental, these should be your picks. Shogun, El Padrino, Accra Polo Club, Ninano, DNR, Santoku, and Imperial Perkin for some great sushi, miso soups, hamachi, squid, special fried rice, and so much more!

Shogun Lounge : it is an authentic Japanese and Chinese dine-in/takeaway restaurant on the 4th circular Road in Cantonments that also serves Thai and Vietnamese cuisines plus a wide selection of Asian delicacies.

Opening Times 

Mon-Sun 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm | 7:00 pm – 12:00 am 

Make reservations by WhatsApp on 0547141414.

DNR Turkish Restaurant :it is the first-ever Turkish restaurant in Ghana. It has an outdoor and indoor setting and delicious Turkish and Ghanaian-infused delicacies. This restaurant is family-friendly, with a Children’s playground just for your kids.

TIP: On their menu try Lamb ribs with Abu side dish of your choice!

Opening Times

10 am – 10 pm each day 


030 254 4244

+233 20 029 0823

Coffee Lounge

Do you have a quick meeting? Or do you love coffee and coffee shops? The ambience, serenity and, of course, free Wi-Fi? Then it would be best if you headed towards Vida Cafe. With over 15 stores in Ghana, there’s one right around you. Check google maps, and off you go. You can also try the Second Cup Cafe at Accra mall or Selficinno in East Legon a few meters away from the East Legon police station. At Selficinno, a photo can be printed on your milkshake or coffee! A great way(you can print on a motivational quote to boost your mood) to start your day or end your day(better late than never)!

Nonetheless, you could get some iced tea, a refreshing grab-and-go from Baa and Bean.

Baa and Bean: located on the ground floor of the Gallery apartments Baa and Bean is an Afro-Chic Coffee and Tea Bar. offers a calm, pleasant and quiet ambience much enjoyed by their regulars.

Tip: Their Ginger Gin Cocktail is to die for!

Selficcino: A gourmet cafe that serves coffee, milkshakes, tea, and so much, much more! On their tea’s milkshakes etc., you can take a picture, SMS it to a number, and your order will come with your photo printed to you. An exciting way to make your coffee dates even better! They offer games such as Uno, Jenga and lots of other games.

Opening Hours

8 am – 8 pm everyday 

+233 55 900 8893

PS : Free Wi-Fi is available! 

 Fast Food

The junk food lovers? Gather here let’s take a group picture because calories have nothing on us!

But whew, there are so many; where to start from? Well, if in doubt start with;

KFC Franchise, as we all know they’ll give you that unique finger-licking chicken taste. The best Krushers, and crunchiest fries. With 20 branches in Ghana, you’ll find one in almost every community in Accra. 

Tip : Oreo Krushers plus the Crispy Strips meal box will make your perfect lunch. 

PS: they offer delivery!

Papa’s Pizza – this is an outdoor seating pickup, dine-in pizza shed, and drive-through for swift pickups and deliveries. Papas pizza has kids menu options, vegetarian options, small plates, quick bites and lots more!

Opening Hours

10 am – 12 am


024 882 0535

PS : You can also try Burger King for those crunchy burgers, Junkies for the tastiest burgers as well, again Burger and Relish, Cheesy pizza, Peterpan, Chicken Inn, La Barca, Dominos!

Vegetarian Stops

Suppose you are vegetarian; look no further than Tatale Vegan Restaurant, Mahogany Cafe, The Taste of Ethiopia, Sunshine Salad bar, Mango and Wheat. We hope you enjoy the best of vegan food here.

Mango and Wheat : It is on Lagos Avenue in East Legon. If you want to try something much healthier than usual yet extremely tasty, visit Mango and Wheat. The diversity and creativity in making their meals is out of this world! 

Wheat Jollof Rice with Chicken,  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies + their lunch cocktails, and thank us later!

Opening Hours

6:30 am – 4:30 pm each day 

Sunday- Closed 


0244 189881


After every good meal, you need to soothe your throat with some dessert, and of course, we got you. For ice cream, you should try Pinkberry, Pinocchio Gelato Italiano, Gelatos and Tresence Cafe Gelateria for your desserts, Cupcake Boutique, Oriental Patisserie, Cheesecake House, and Zeno’s Yogurt Bar.

Pinkberry: Pinkberry is a tart frozen yoghurt brand with distinctive sizzling options by selecting and combining fresh ingredients, so they taste as good as they are for you! If you love frozen yoghurt or ice cream, pass by any Pinkberry shop in Accra!

Tip: you should try their Lava Swirl! Frozen yogurt plus smoothie, you wouldn’t need to have anything more for the day! 

Opening Hours – 10 am – 12 am 

055 251 1488

Oriental Patisserie : located on the 5th Circular Road in Accra, enjoy the best cakes and meals to your delight!

Tip:  Take a try on their Spaghetti Carbonara + Humus Pita! 

Opening Hours

9 am – 10 pm


NB : Do not forget to try the roadside coconut vendors when you come across one! Accra coconut fruit vendors honestly have coconut water straight from Heaven! And oh the kebabs! Ask anyone around and they’ll show you a kebab vendor just around the corner!

Let us know which of these eateries you enjoyed the most!

Bon Appétit!

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