How To Buy A Land In Ghana

Although numerous scrupulous individuals are attempting to defraud innocent buyers of their hard-earned money, purchasing land can be a straightforward process if you are vigilant and do not attempt to skip any proper procedures that buyers are required to observe and adhere to.

Keep in mind that buying land involves more than simply spotting a piece of land that interests you, contacting the seller, and paying immediately; It is a procedure and a system that have been established to prevent buyers from purchasing lands that have already been purchased by multiple parties and so much more. 

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Find land on sale (scouting)

Firstly you’d have to find land you’re interested then reach out to the seller and express interest.

Discuss a date you can go over to have a look for yourself. 

Remember to be on the lookout for the following:

  • Road network access to the place.
  • Avoid low-lying bottom land as these are more prone to flooding.  
  • Proximity to social amenities eg electricity, hospital, shopping market etc.
  • Be more security conscious and if possible, settle for land in a safe community with a low crime rate.

Get the coordinates for the land 

Before you can finally buy land in Ghana, you must conduct an official search. For you to search, the Lands Commission needs the site plan, usually given to you by the seller. It is advisable to get your surveyor to go to the site to bring you the coordinates than rely on the seller to give you the coordinates to avoid being scammed and giving the coordinates to the wrong property. 

Site plan

Request for the site plan from the seller. It is always prudent to instruct your surveyor to prepare your site plan for the search. Fraudsters can quickly provide you with a site plan or documents that do not relate to the property or land you intend to buy.

The site plan must be signed and dated by a licensed surveyor and or the Director of Survey at the Survey Division of Lands Commission or his representatives; The Regional.

NB: Also demand the lease agreement, land title certificate; Building permit; EPA permit etc.

Do a search at lands commission 

Take the site plan to the Lands Commission for a search. This will enable you to have details about the property. A search at the Lands Commission will provide details of the land or property you intend to acquire. The information provided should correspond with the documents or details provided to you by the seller.

Negotiate on price 

After you’re sure the land is legit and you can pay for it without future repercussions, you can now negotiate the price with the seller. In negotiations, you should consider the following;

  • The size of the land 
  • Location of the land 
  • General prices of land    around that community 
  • The excellent road network to the land 
  • Serviced or not serviced land 
  • If there are any litigation issues 

Sales and Purchase Agreement 

Upon agreeing on the price, you should demand an agreement detailed with the land number, payment plan if any, the price of the land etc. Always seek legal advice before signing this agreement to protect your interest.


Before you say you have purchased land in Ghana, which is all yours and nobody else’s, you will need an indenture under land deeds registration. The indenture must be endorsed by a licensed legal practitioner with an oath-of-proof done. This should typically include information like;

  • Area or location of the land 
  • Lease Duration
  • Buyers Witnesses
  • Sellers Witnesses 
  • Name of company or individual selling the land 
  • Name or individual buying the land 


Finally, it is essential to get the land titles in your name 

The Land’s Commission will serve a notice in the newspapers or any other specified media broadcast channels. This is to announce to the public that a particular land is about to be fully registered in an individual’s name; thus, if anybody still believes they deem themself as the land owner, that individual can come forward to the lands commission to report. 

If nobody comes across or out during these announcements concerning registering the title of a particular and in the specific name of a person, then the process of acquiring your land title begins. 

A land title secures land in your name or the buyer’s name.


Check Leasehold 

It is essential that at the very beginning of the process of buying land in Ghana, you first check the remaining lease of the land or property on the land title document or the assignment. 


Aside Lands Commission ; 

Search at the collateral registry as well

Another vital institution to search for is the Collateral Registry. The department registers all collateral transactions in respect of any land or property. Searches at this registry will inform the prospective buyer whether the property has been used as collateral for a loan transaction.

Run a search at the court to ascertain if there are  any pending litigation cases.It is essential to run a search at the court to rule out this  risk or doubt and safeguard your investment and prevent years of possible litigation 

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