How Do I Start A Career In Real Estate

The real estate industry as a whole is an inspiring space.A venture  with endless possibilities for everyone.Property value appreciates over the long term,making real estate an important investment opportunity. Do you want to work in real estate?  Let us demonstrate how!

Although real estate has many branches, we’ll walk you through a general strategy that can get you started quickly!


The basis of starting anything or making life-changing decisions must begin with research. Find out more about the sector, rules, regulations, gains, difficulties, do’s and don’ts in the business to not only ensure that you make the most out of business but to keep you in the right standing with the law at every business transaction. Don’t underestimate the power of research and due diligence before any business venture. The use of research has boosted many business capacities by giving helpful information on the clientele base, enabling targeted marketing and increasing sales.

Create your portfolio 

You need to highlight your products and packages, showcase your services and the like to get people, in general, wanting a service from you. Start by creating a portfolio. Make sure it highlights your mission, vision, clientele you have worked with(if you have any yet, gladly and quickly add them), reviews and contact details. This can be a handy digital book you can send to clients via email marketing or print hard copies and send along to pitches or interviews.

This shows how professional you and your business are.

Capitalise on social media 

In this era where the world is globalised, and the spread of the internet has made it possible to reach people in various time zones simultaneously, it will be dire not to capitalise on social media. There are a variety of social media platforms, from emails to the popular Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so much more. Create a social media page and build an online presence, reach a wider audience of people looking to invest in real estate with just a click, establish a brand presence, create a community and then, little by little see your business blossom.

Get licensed

Now let’s focus on building credibility. Without credibility, almost any and every business will fail. Real estate involves transactions that require hundreds, thousands and millions of cash. Why, then, should someone transact business with you? Are you trustworthy and credible? Can you be traced in case of any funny moves? 

These questions will be running through the minds of any individual interested in doing business with you. 

And this is why every country requires that you must be licensed to be able to operate in the real estate sector. In Ghana, groups like GREPA provide a license after passing through all requirements.GREPA stands for Ghana Real Estate Professionals, Accra and is a very respected establishment that holds high authority in Ghanaian real estate to enforce professionalism. 

Keep learning 

Stay on top of your game. If you want to start a career in real estate, be up to date. Understand the sector and some currently happening in the country’s real estate space. This will give you command over conversations whenever you go out to network. This is a great way to build credibility quickly and to be seen as a thought leader. 

Keep learning, find a mentor, join real estate community groups on social media, watch the news, read the newspaper, follow the buzz, observe the trends and then apply! 

Join real estate groups 

As mentioned just above, joining a community of real estate professionals is one great to kick-start your career. They say, “two heads are better than one” Sharing ideas and brainstorming with a group of like-minded individuals can boost your career in real estate. Such groups also provide a support base that can land you or your first client or referral. 

So join a group! We all need help sometimes!

Brand and advertise yourself 

Now go hard! Advertise, publicise, and market yourself! The world has to know you and what you are doing, what your projects are, what you are capable of, and what you have done before

Hire influencers, invest in social media paid ads to boost your posts, and invest in your clothing, business cards, and office space(if the need be)

Just go hard, and you may even land yourself an angel investor!

Please share with us your real estate experience, and from all of us here at Locus, we wish you all the best!☺️

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Privately owned, Locus Real Estate was established in 2017 and has successfully developed and delivered multiple properties across Africa.

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