Easter Celebration In Ghana

Easter is a significant Christian festival celebrated with zeal and fervour in Ghana. The festival is usually held over four days, from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

Good Friday is usually observed as a solemn day of reflection and repentance in Ghana. Many Christians attend church services to reflect on Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and sacrifice for humanity’s sins. Some people fast on this day, going without food and drink until the evening.

On Easter Sunday, Ghana’s mood shifts from solemnity to the celebration. Churches are beautifully decorated, and people dress up in their finest attire to attend church services. 

Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the triumph of life over death. The service is frequently filled with music, singing, and dancing, and people exchange greetings and hugs. 

To mark the occasion, some churches hold parades and processions through the streets lined with palm trees, with everyone dressed in white.

Following the church service, families and friends gather for a feast. Traditional Ghanaian dishes such as jollof rice, yam, fufu and plantains are prepared, and there is usually a lot of music and dancing to go along with it.

Easter Monday is a day for socialising and outdoor activities, also known as “Easter Monday Picnic.” The Legon Botanical Gardens and the Aburi Botanical Gardens are two places worth visiting with family or friends. These locations have a beautiful green serene atmosphere and some activities that can be enjoyed.

Moreover, during the Easter season, Ghanaians give back to the community. Some churches organise charitable events such as feeding the homeless, donating clothing and food, and visiting hospitals and orphanages to offer assistance and support.

Furthermore, no Easter celebration in Ghana is complete without a trip to ‘Kwahu’. ‘Kwahu oo Kwahu’ the popular jargon which means ‘Easter is here’ says it all. 

Kwahu is Ghana’s most popular Easter destination, with numerous fun activities and side attractions to enjoy in the mountainous region. The following is a short list of things to do in Kwahu during Easter.


Kwahu is well-known for its picturesque mountains. During the Easter season, the majority of people visit the mountain to walk, climb, and take in the breathtaking views.


If you’re feeling daring, try paragliding during the Easter holidays at Kwahu. This activity takes place in the Odweanoma Mountains and offers a unique view of the stunning scenery.

Street Parties

During the Easter celebration, the streets of Kwahu come alive with street parties, music, and dancing. You can join in the fun and feel the festival’s vibrant energy.

Cultural events

During the Easter celebration, you can learn about the rich cultural traditions of the various tribes through a variety of events and activities such as drumming, dancing, and cultural displays.

Local Delicacies 

Kwahu is well-known for its delectable local cuisine. Traditional dishes such as fufu, banku, and kenkey can be sampled at local restaurants and food stalls.


Sports fans can participate in or watch football, basketball, and other sporting events held during the Easter holiday.

If the list provided has piqued your interest in celebrating Easter in Kwahu, it is best to book accommodations ahead of time, leave early to avoid traffic, and, most importantly, remember that the people of Kwahu make ‘Kwahu oo Kwahu’ and thus socialise.

Overall, Easter is a significant celebration in Ghana, as well as a holiday, and the thrill, fun, and activities one can partake in may outweigh ‘December in Ghana to some extent. The short but exciting holiday is worth experiencing, especially as a foreigner. 

It’s never too late to book that flight, call us to secure one of our many apartments for rent in Accra, and join the many Ghanaians and foreigners who have already scheduled the calendar and made plans for an eventful Easter celebration.

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