Bespoke Home vs Spec Home

Congratulations on deciding to buy a home!!  If this isn’t your first time or you’re reading this for the future, welcome to our blog!

So, bespoke home vs spec home?

Well, firstly, choosing which type of home is purely based on style/preference, and this is because both types of homes are definitely of equal standard. Whether you choose bespoke or spec, rest assured that your contractor or developer will deliver nothing but a top-notch property to suit your lifestyle.

Bespoke Homes

Bespoke homes, simply put, are custom homes. A project that allows the buyer to contribute to the architectural design, interior, number of rooms, paint color etc. The goal of a bespoke home is to bring your ideas to life by working with a developer from start to finish.

When you build or choose a custom home, the homebuyer often goes to a builder with a plan they’ve chosen or had an architect draw up for them. They typically have a clear idea of what they want the home to look like and the type of materials they’d like to use.

Complete customisation includes the layout, features, materials, fixtures, energy efficiency, and overall design. 

Sounds like a plan, right? So let’s talk about Bespoke Homes!

Allows the Buyers input (you can customise)

A bespoke home allows you to give your home your mood, style and touch. If you have kids, you can include rooms for them, playrooms, a study room, a pool etc. 

What you desire is what you get

With a bespoke home, you’re birthing the exact type of home you want, and it is the job of the developer to make sure it’s so. This is why buyers may specifically choose bespoke so that they can customise. Some home buyers have a picture of their dream home in their minds, and the only way to get that is to make it precisely that way. A customised home provides that opportunity and input.

Bespoke homes may cost less than a spec home 

Often, bespoke homes may allow you to decide the money flow of the home. This is because you’re making most of the big decisions concerning the house. So, for example, if you don’t want to spend much and want to acquire a one (1) bedroom house or probably a two (2) bed, so you spend less. A custom home can allow you to decide this. As compared to a spec home which may be an already built five-bedroom home, and maybe the two-bedroom you may want may be already sold. 

The ability to customise may also allow you to choose furniture, decor accessories etc., that suits your budget or expenditure.

Sense of comfort in how you are spending your money

Well, if you’re the “spam me with updates” buyer that wants up-to-date, regular, constant details on your money well spent, then a bespoke home should be your go-to. 

Even though developers will always give you your money’s worth, if you’re the type that wants more control of almost everything concerning the house you’re buying before it’s finally put up, then a bespoke home may give you that.

This is because, in a bespoke home, you’re allowed to decide details such as the design, size etc.; with the house, you’re buying, bespoke homes give you the comfort as to how you’re spending your money. For example, you can go for luxury finishes knowing very well why and how nice you want to spend on luxury finishing. 

Competitive advantage 

Putting up a unique home may be a great selling point whenever you decide to sell the house. Some investors specifically re-buy bespoke homes as their investment as well. The sense of a unique style is one of the reasons, choice of colours etc. Spec homes usually have neutral colours and are sometimes described as walls that lack personality. 

Bespoke homes have more unique design elements. 

If you buy a beautifully designed home, there is a big chance even whilst living in it. You’d have offers from buyers and sellers! 

P.S. Locus Estate offers owners of both residential and commercial properties an option to create the perfect home or space tailored to meet every specification.

Spec Homes

Spec homes are homes built by a construction company or a developer long before a buyer comes by or may be involved in the process to be on top of trends; even in the nearest future, design choices are kept generalised and neutral. 

NB: Even though there may be some possible customisable features, the bulk of the work is finished before a potential buyer sees it. 

Move-in ready

Spec homes are perfect move-in-ready homes.

What you see is what you get. If you know what you like, it might just be your home! Spec homes are already built if you want to move into your dream home without the hustle and bustle of feeling too involved. Probably yours is a spec home! Developers mostly do a lot of research with their team of architects and designers to come up with the best home designs. This is why most developers have a variety of properties that suit every buyer’s taste. Looking for the perfect home to buy? Click Here

Easy to sell

Spec homes are also easy to sell if that’s a future the route you’d like to explore. 

Most spec homes have a similar exterior or interior design and may be found in gated communities. Investors or buyers who love homes with these ‘specs’ are particular and thus are always on the lookout for homes like this. This makes such homes easy to sell. 

The developer handles the securing of the land to the finishing of the home 

If you dream of living in a particular location, spec homes allow you to purchase that home in your dream location. You don’t have to worry about securing the land, documentation, litigation etc. The developer in charge of that project or development takes care of smh the ground whilst putting up spectacular homes for buyers today!

Fewer decisions 

Spec Homes give you the luxury of making fewer decisions. All you may have to decide is the number of rooms in the home you’re looking to buy, the location, some home improvement facilities and the like. It is now the job of the contractor or developer to furnish you with a portfolio of properties that suit your spec for you to select, have a viewing and then pay.

We hope you choose a home that suits you, your terms of comfort and interpretation of value.

Buying a home is not an easy, snap fingers process. It involves significant financial decisions and commitments. Now, this is why choosing an all-in-tune experienced developer can be the best first step in the right direction to getting the home of your dreams!

 If you’re looking to explore your options, contact us today! 

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