David Ekow Mensah

Nana Yaw Afrifa has represented Locus on numerous real estate deals both buying, selling and
rentals. He has shown right from the start that he is extremely competent in real estate transactions. I
loved how quickly he responded to all of my questions as well as his knowledge of the whole process
from start to finish.
When I first met Nana Yaw Afrifa way back in 2017 he explained that his job is more service than sales.
He proved that time and again with his thorough knowledge of home construction and the local
Finally, Locus Estate is very well respected in the real estate industry and I think that goes a long way
when it comes to real estate development.
I now consider Nana Yaw Afrifa a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone that is searching
for a new home to buy or rent. Thanks again to you and your entire team for being such a pleasure to
work with


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