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How to Buy

How to Rent

Collect an Application Form from any of our offices, complete it and return it to our office or fill a form online. Thereafter you will be given an Offer Letter from our Head Office in Accra.

Before an allocation will be made, certain conditions must be met.

For a Completed Development
100% – Final Payment

For a Uncompleted Development
Commitment fee of 5% of purchase price.
45% upon signing The Sales and Purchase Agreement.
40% Spread over construction period.
10% Final payment on completion

Final Payment and Completion
Upon completion, Imperial Homes Ghana will send a final invoice to you along with a Statement of Account which will indicate the amount of final payment.
The final invoice will include total cost of house and documentation fee (cost of preparation of title of deed, site, plan and other relevant documents covering the ownership of the property.)
Keys will be released only when the outstanding payments have been paid in full and all documents have been executed.

Certain fees such as Electricity Meter Fee and Water Meter Connection fees are not included in the final invoice. You will be expected to make separate arrangements for payment in respect of these..


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