5 Easy Steps On How To Close A Real Estate Deal

Are you an agent, broker or developer? Looking for easy steps to close a real estate deal? Then stick with us!

Closing a deal can be very difficult, and you may need some excellent communication skills plus real value(the property) to offer.  So whether you’re new in the business or a pro, here are five easy steps you can use as a quick personal guide to close your next real estate deal and thank us later! 


In the introduction, we mentioned the term value. Value is simply anything someone communicates or interprets as worthy in exchange for something from them, e.g., a house for an amount of money, school fees in exchange for an education, a shirt in exchange for money etc. The interpretation of value can differ from person to person. However, when it comes to real estate, it usually involves a lot of money, which means you should be providing your client with nothing but the best, which should also be in line with their taste and preference. In this sector, value is communicated through the quality, design, amenities, location, size, interior, exterior, additional services etc., of the property.

Thus, if you’d want to close a deal pretty quickly, you must ensure that you can give the buyer real value. Listen carefully to their preferences during your first meeting with them, jot them down, clearly outline what they can get, share your portfolio, and allow them to choose and listen to their concerns.

Note 1 : Sometimes buyers interpret the real value in customer service, so be intentional about it. 

A Good Selling Point 

Always ensure that you have a great selling point. If you are managing or selling a property in a far-off location or an upcoming neighbourhood, make sure to find your selling point. This could be in the size of the house, kitchen, location, price, the amenities, security etc. 

Remember that closing a deal involves how well you can sell the property to a prospective buyer. It would help if you analysed what each property can offer a buyer. Pick one of the most vital, attractive aspects of the property and use that to sell. If you’re lucky to be selling a property in a prime location, focus on the location and the investment benefits of buying a home in that prime location. 

Be Professional 

As mentioned above, customer care is very crucial to every business. Customer Care is an essential branch of professionalism. Outlined are a few ways to improve how professional you look or how experienced you come off as. 

● Your look or outfit(dress for success) – looking the part is essential for your professional image. 

● Be on time for a meeting or viewing

● Be respectful 

● Be organised- show up with all documents, presentations and like needed for the meeting. 

● Great communication skills, i.e.  verbal and non-verbal (adopt professional body language, e.g., avoid slouching, maintain eye contact when speaking to someone, greet with a firm handshake etc.)

● Be on top of digital trends (e.g. virtual tours, high-quality property videos and pictures, chatbots, ensure your website is high-performing etc.)


Sometimes closing a real estate deal comes faster to you when you negotiate. Instead of keeping a fixed price and standing by it, why not come up with a strategy that allows a flexible negotiation without you running at a loss(this should be an intentional process)

Buyers want to save some cash, and if you give them a feel of that possibility, they are more likely to stick with you. If you do not, another broker or developer who’s offering them a platform to negotiate or is willing to make a reduction may rather close the deal with the buyer. 

Hire A Reputed Agent 

Agents do the job of hunting, converting leads into buyers and then closing(the final purchase)

If you’re a developer, an excellent way to close a deal or enjoy the feeling of being sold out is finding and hanging over to trusted agents. Hire the service of experienced real estate agents or brokers as they usually have built a niche of networks which include prospective buyers and can find suitable buyers, save time and sell homes at good profits.

You can visit the GAREB(Ghana Association Of Real Estate Brokers) website for trusted and professional real estate brokers you can work with.

GAREB aims to ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate brokers in the country and to protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions. 

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